AT LAST… Somebody Willing To Tell You The Real Truth About Lab Grown & Natural Diamonds

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What’s a Lab Grown Diamond and Why Should You Care?

A lab grown diamond is a real, genuine diamond in every sense of the word. But it is “grown” in a lab, instead of mined from the earth.

Because they are man-made, there is an unlimited supply, which makes them less expensive than natural-mined diamonds.

That doesn’t mean they’re the right decision for everyone.

Yes, you can save some money up-front. But understand this… The value of your diamond will not hold up and it will diminish over time.

Natural diamonds are literally millions of years old. Each one must be “discovered” – literally “unearthed”. Each is absolutely unique with its own history and story.

Natural diamonds hold their value better than lab grown diamonds.

Pros & Cons of Lab Grown vs. Naturally Mined Diamonds…

Here are 8 key comparisons of lab grown and naturally mined diamonds…

  1. Both are real diamonds with identical characteristics of chemical composition, crystalline structure, refraction, dispersion, hardness & density.
  2. Lab grown diamonds are “grown” from a “seed” of carbon and take just a few weeks to create.
  3. Natural diamonds must be mined from tons of earth and have been formed over millions of years. No new, natural diamond has been created since the beginning of mankind.
  4. Lab grown diamonds are unique in that no two are alike, but they all come from one of just a few facilities worldwide.
  5. Lab grown diamonds are less expensive – and less valuable – today than they have ever been.
  6. Natural diamonds do not necessarily hold their full value, but do maintain their value notably better than lab growns, and in some cases may actually appreciate in value over time.
  7. Lab grown diamonds require less soil movement, air pollution, water usage than mined diamonds, and are safer for employees.
  8. Mined diamonds employ far more workers worldwide than lab grown diamonds, particularly in parts of the globe where people are in need of work and income.

Skeptical? See the difference for yourself with our Lab Grown Diamond Comparison Challenge

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